Sunday 8 April 2012

Rita Ora feat. Tinie Tempah - RIP

Rita Ora is the latest threat to Rihanna's pop crown, with both girls in pursuit of sexy, RnB pop perfection.  You probably won't have heard of Ora, but you definitely will know Hot Right Now - DJ Fresh's number one track on which she was guest vocalist.  RIP is her breakthrough and features (as is the standard) a guest rap, in this case from Tinie Tempah.

The Rihanna comparison may seem unfair but it's an obvious one.  Though Ora is of Kosovan-Albanian descent, there's a similarity in their looks as well as their music.  But Ora hasn't forgotten her UK base amongst her US label mates since being signed by Jay-Z's Roc Nation label.  RIP was written by Drake, but it was produced by Chase & Status and of course features Tinie.  As such, it's a track that is likely to appeal to fans on both sides of the Atlantic.  A slow, heavy dubstep beat plays out beneath a cacophony of blazing synths and guitars.  Ora, meanwhile, oozes effortless sexuality with a feisty, attitude laden vocal.  It may not be pushing any boundaries, but it's a track destined for the top of the charts.  RIP spells death to her competitors, though whether she can steal Rihanna's place is debatable.


Listen: RIP is expected to be released in May.