Thursday, 19 April 2012

Linkin Park - Burn It Down

After four major albums, nu metal rockers Linkin Park are returning to their roots for their upcoming fifth album 'Living Things' (pictured).  'A Thousand Suns' took the band in a more experimental direction, but the band are keen to return to a more familiar sound and re-establish themselves in the popular sphere.

Burn It Down is the first single from 'Living Things' and, as you'd expect, it's a stonker.  When the chorus kicks in you're hit by a wall of sound - guitars, keys, drums and Chester Bennington's soaring vocal.  This isn't quite a return to the band's original sound though.  Burn It Down contains none of the screaming metal of 'Hybrid Theory' but is closer to the softer rock of 'Meteora'.  It may not hit the highs of Numb or Somewhere I Belong and it's not their catchiest track, but it's still an anthemic rock record that fans of the band will lap up, paving the way for another brilliant album.  Let's hope that opening lyric "the cycle repeated" is taken to heart and the band can return to their former glory.


Listen: Burn It Down is available now and is taken from forthcoming album 'Living Things' released on June 25th.

Watch: Linkin Park will be touring Europe over the summer.  Lucky Americans can catch the band in August when they co-headline with Incubus