Friday 6 April 2012

Tulisa - Young

In a lot of ways, Young suits Tulisa down to a T (excuse the pun).  "Forgive me for what I have done 'cause I'm young", she repeats at the start.  Following the recent emergence of a sex tape, it's easy to see this as a desperate plea to the public for forgiveness.  Will Cowell allow her back on The X Factor later this year?  Can her career survive?  It all rests on the shoulders of this, her first solo single.

It's also suitable in its utter mediocrity.  Rather than a song that suits her fiery "female boss" persona, she's instead opted for a generic Ibiza club track.  Likewise, Tulisa herself, for all her bravado, is an unremarkable talent with average looks and an average voice.  She may have tarted herself up a bit for the video, but it's essentially an advert for Thomas Cook holidays and Barry M make-up.  And for all her apparent rebelliousness, the video sees her stealing a lamb, a hotel card key and writing her name on some modern art.  Ooo you daredevil you.

Yes it's pretty catchy in a "look at me I'm a stupid cow on holiday, downing tequila and drowning in my own vomit" sort of way.  But, in all, this is no better than a soundtrack to 'Sun, Sea and Suspicious Parents'.


Listen: Young is released on 29th April.