Saturday 21 April 2012

Yadi - Guillotine

London-based singer Yadi has finally dropped her debut EP having signed to Warner Brothers in the past year.  Fear not, she is certainly one to keep an eye on.

'Guillotine' contains four tracks of sumptuous gothic electro pop.  Her style marks a half way house between Marina & The Diamonds's quirkiness and the ethereal weirdness of Grimes.  It's aggressively rhythmic: militaristic drums colliding with fragments of synth hooks, all welded together by catchy pop melodies.  Take Gold which juxtaposes heavy percussion with Yadi's soaring vocal; or Paper Rose with its softly lilting piano opening that expands into a glorious chorus with a real sense of urgency.  Lyrically, these love songs span the spectrum of feminism, from the bold and dominant queen of Guillotine claiming "I can make you say you love me", to the delicate fragility of Paper Rose that so easily tears.  It's the title track that stands out most, with it's percussive march to the scaffold - catchy, expertly and intricately produced and defiantly performed.  Equally, when stripped back these tracks remain full of impact (see video below).  
If Yadi isn't on your radar, she damn well should be.


Listen: 'Guillotine' is available now.