Saturday 7 April 2012

The Saturdays - 30 Days

Amongst dating and engaging footballers and popstars, getting knocked up and just generally looking hot, The Saturdays obviously don't have a lot of time on their hands.  It explains why, not only is their latest track incredibly bland, but they've got the song radio-ready and the video shot a month before the single's actual release in a bid to drag things out as long as possible.  Struggling to find time girls?  At least the title makes sense: "30 days 'till release" would be a more apt lyric.  Still, we've got something nice to look at during the wait.

Their last single was Notorious, released ten months ago.  Remember that one?  Yeah, memorable wasn't it.  30 Days is essentially more of the same - another Ibiza-tinged pop-dance track.  Considering there's five of them, vocally they're so overly processed they sound identical and there's very little harmony.  Whilst they got off to a decent start (back in 2007 would you believe), their music has nosedived in recent times - this uninspired trash won't be helping the situation.

But how they've survived this long is obvious.  With adverts, television programmes and rich, famous boyfriends, it's clear the girls' brand is more important than the actual musical content.  It's no wonder their music sales are suffering.


Listen: 30 Days is released on May 13th.