Friday 20 April 2012

Cheryl (Cole) - Call My Name

What's in a name?  Cheryl Cole has always been more about the brand than the music, but I point blank refuse to just call her Cheryl.  She's not quite at Madonna or Britney status yet.  Still, it ties in with her new single as a clever marketing ploy.  It's all clearly a step away from her past, to differentiate herself from Ashley, which the chorus line "how do you think it feels when you call my name?" succinctly sums up.

Let's get the bad out of the way first.  Call My Name is yet another Calvin Harris infected track.  Essentially, this is Chezza's We Found Love, but thankfully minus the annoying ravey breakdown.  It's also missing the personality of Rihanna's vocal and instead we must settle for Cole's bland, over-processed voice.  Although it's not as good as RiRi's track, it's miles better than the recent Let's Go.  And if you can stop yourself from singing "Every day I'm shuffling" in the pause you're doing better than me.

Then again, this is actually a pretty decent pop record.  It might not be original, but once the chorus kicks in ("I love you too much to let GOOOO") it's rave central.  And that "uh oh oh oh" vocal hook towards the end is catchy as hell.  After a string of terrible singles, Cole is back in Fight For This Love territory.  Basically, this is a guaranteed number one hit.


Listen:  Call My Name is released on June 10th and is taken from forthcoming album 'A Million Lights' released a week later on June 18th.

The video has now been released and it's....pretty dreadful?!