Monday 23 April 2012

Martin Solveig - The Night Out (Madeon remix)

Madeon strikes again.

It may be a boring old Monday, but if you're looking for your next weekend anthem, you've found it right here.  First came Solveig's The Night Out - a perfectly decent club track with a simple guitar hook and catchy vocals.  It's far less annoying than Hello.

Enter Madeon.  Yet again the seventeen year old hits the mark.  Upping the tempo, swapping guitars for piano and (most importantly) mixing in his unique chopping and cutting has resulted in a huge funky house track.  Add in a Daft Punk style breakdown and this is bound to be the soundtrack to your night out.

This remix is big.  Can Madeon do no wrong?


Listen: The Night Out is released on 20th May, including this Madeon remix.