Thursday 26 April 2012

The Staves - The Motherlode

Are three voices better than one?  The Staves certainly think so.  Indeed, it's their close harmonies that set them apart from other folk artists of the moment.  Wisely and Slow - the third track on this, their second EP (following last year's 'Mexico') - is predominantly acapella and proves a suitable showcase for the sisters' hushed voices uniting as one.

Elsewhere, the most remarkable moment of Pay Us No Mind is the "I don't give a f*ck" lyric - not something you'd expect to emerge from the lips of such pure voices in an otherwise slightly dull track.  Title track The Motherlode is more upbeat, its gently lilting guitars float beneath three sublimely soft voices.  As a whole The Staves have created a delicate and exquisite sound, but the beauty of their three voices doesn't quite make up for their lack of grit - despite the odd lyrical shock.


Listen: 'The Motherlode' is available now, as is their previous EP 'Mexico'.  A full album is expected later in the year.

Watch: The sisters are currently touring the UK.  US fans can catch them supporting Bon Iver.