Sunday 1 April 2012

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

OMG, Justin Bieber is, like, SO AMAZING!!11!!1!! LOLZ.

Boyfriend is his new song and it's totally my fav song of the year.

His voice sounds sooo good.  I really like how he's learnt to sort of rap in the verses and especially that he references Buzz Lightyear.  Then his voice is really robotic in the chorus, like some sort of hot music machine.  He's so much more talented than any other popstar, anybody saying he's just a rip-off of Usher is quite clearly WRONG.  He had a dream of being famous and he followed it and now he's, like, really big.  He's such a big inspiration I'm going to follow my dream too of getting a boob job so I can impress him when I save up and see him in concert.  I'd have his baby any day.  But before that I'm going to listen to this on repeat ALL DAY and probably annoy everyone around me who loves me but I DON'T CARE because my love for Justin is sooo much stronger.

I can't wait to see the full video, I bet his dancing is sick and full of swag.  Then again, just seeing his hot face is enough for me to get my knickers in a twist I don't think I could even handle him in motion.  That's why my room is only covered in posters because mummy won't let me watch his dvd because she's worried I might have a mental breakdown. But I still kiss his face every night before bedtime.  I wish he was MY boyfriend hehehehe.

So yeah, like BYE THIS SONG. It's totes AMAZE :D:D:D


Listen: Boyfriend is released soon in the UK.

NB. For one day only the Gizzle has been substituted by the Gizzlette, written by and for prepubescent girls.  This review in no way reflects the opinion of the Gizzle.