Tuesday 2 November 2010

Heavy In Your Arms - Florence & The Machine

I got really excited when I heard this on the radio last week - finally some new material from Florence and her award-winning musical machine.  But what do I discover when I look it up on YouTube?  It's on the soundtrack to Twilight: Eclipse.  This means that a) it's not quite as new as I thought, and b)...well it's Twilight.  Luckily the video for this track is disturbing, stylish and has nothing to do with that annoying teenage bitch who suffers from permanent PMT and makes Eeyore look like Tigger on crack. 

Anyway... on to the song itself.  This is undeniably the sound of Florence and her unmistakable vocal chords.  The instrumentation takes the song literally, with an emphasis on a heavy drum beat and a deep bass and piano riff that penetrates like a heartbeat.  The song does take a while to get going, but the constant build towards the final chorus is perfectly pitched.  Once it hits, Florence's voice soars over haunting harmonies and all the song's elements pull together.  If this is the direction of the next album, I for one cannot wait.  I just miss the harp...

Oh, and if you want to download this track separately from the Twilight soundtrack, it's released on the 14th November.