Saturday 26 November 2011

Tron (1982) - Steven Lisberger

A rogue supercomputer threatens to take over a giant software corporation and ex-employee / hacker / video game enthusiast Billy Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is the only one who can stop it when he’s transported inside the computer.  There he meets up with super programme Tron and together, they revolt against their omnipotent overseer.

Yeah, right.

But ignore the vague, preposterous story – it’s merely a conduit for Tron’s unique visuals.  The brightly coloured, neon lights are of course pretty primitive in today’s age, but they do have a certain retro charm and allow for some surreal, geometric screensaver landscapes.  And for all its flaws, the narrative does allow for some cool set pieces – the well-parodied, gladiatorial disc duels and motorbike battles in particular, though they’re unfortunately underused.  Then again, it’s Bridges who shines the most, lighting up the screen with his magnetic charisma.

Just look past the atrocious script, bit brain.