Monday 28 November 2011

Kelly Rowland - Here I Am

Since the break-up of Destiny's Child, Beyonce has grown from strength to strength to become an undisputable global superstar.  Kelly Rowland, forever destined to be in the shadow of her former bandmate, has found new found fame as one of the UK's favourite Americans as a judge on X-Factor.  Yet musically, she's reduced to bland RnB-dance and pales in comparison.

With 'Here I Am' she's poised herself somewhere between Rihanna and Beyonce.  Take Motivation for example.  It takes the sex of the former with the sophistication of the latter - few singers could make the line "And when we're done / I don't want to feel my legs" sound sensual rather than sleazy.  In the process, Rowland proves that this mama sure can 'put it down'.

Sadly, though, the rest of the album is lacking that X factor.  It acts somewhat as a greatest hits of her material from the last couple of years, including hit singles When Love Takes Over, Forever And A Day, What A Feeling, Commander and current single Down For Whatever.  Despite spending far too much time with David Guetta, these tracks are probably the catchiest on offer here.  The sorry remains are largely just RnB filler - countless sexy, grinding tunes within which the sole ballad, Heaven & Earth, is totally lost despite showcasing her vocal talents.

Curiously, the majority of the tracks are collaborations, as if Rowland lacks the confidence to truly go it alone.  And on numerous occasions the vocal "turn the lights on" is sampled - a subtle nod to Beyonce's Sweet Dreams?  Judging by its title, 'Here I Am' may be here to represent 'dis chick' as a strong, independant solo artist, but it ironically reveals a talent with little personality of her own.


Gizzle Choice Track:
* Motivation