Friday 25 November 2011

Clement Marfo & The Frontline - Overtime ft. Ghetts

The key component to any pop track is a hook-laden chorus.  Marfo and his frontline have recognised this and perfected the art.

They're a seven-piece collective, fronted by rapper Clement Marfo, already listed for great things next year.  Overtime is the current single (available now on iTunes and Spotify), though Champion was their debut from earlier this year (and far better than the Chris Brown track of the same name).  Their sound mixes hip-hop and grime with a rock edge, Marfo rapping over a veritable power surge by the backing Frontline.  Then the chorus kicks in, empowering and electrifying - a euphoric rave-up.  Pure class.

Seriously, these guys will be huge in both pop and underground circles.  They're probably the best thing to happen to UK urban music since Tinie Tempah and deserve to be hanging out with the top boys.