Friday 11 November 2011

Chairlift - Sidewalk Safari

This song is a total car crash.

No really - it's a song about running people down in cars.  Inventive to say the least.

Thing is, it's actually a very cool track.  Chairlift are an American duo and Sidewalk Safari is their latest track released in anticipation for their forthcoming album 'Something'.  The opening synth grates like the revving of an engine, whilst the chorus unleashes full throttle with an electrifying synth riff.  Meanwhile, Caroline Polachek on vocals sings lazily "If I see you on the street, you'd better run / I'm aiming my all-terrain weapon / In your direction".  It's full of rhythmic energy, with a slight Blondie flavour mixed with futuristic synths and Patrick Wimberley's live bass guitar.  It marks a distinct contrast to their debut album 'Does You Inspire You', with its chillwave tracks like Le Flying Saucer Hat, Planet Health and Bruises, whilst retaining a strong 80s influence.

With these guys behind the wheel, you know they mean business.