Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Summer Camp - Better Off Without You

This is one of the happiest break-up songs I've heard.  Maybe that's partly due to the opening four bars of bassline, strikingly similar to Footloose.  At the least, there's a strong 80s flavour here, the vocal alone reminiscent of Blondie's droll delivery yet still full of spunk.  The duo cite influences from recent chillwave efforts right back to the Beach Boys, which is easy to hear - especially with the hawaiian style slide guitar.

This is basically just a brilliant piece of alt-pop: catchy, full of youthful vibrance and attitude.  After one listen you won't get "I'm beeeeeter ooooff without youuuuu" out of your head.  And lets not forget the little guitar twiddles in the second verse - it's all about the details people.  As the opener to the duo's debut album, 'Welcome To Condale' released this week (pictured), it's a stonker that the remains of their material can't quite keep up with.  Still, you need this song in your life - we both know that it's true.