Wednesday 16 November 2011

Doctor P & Flux Pavillion - Superbad

This is the result of a funk meets dubstep experiment and (disappointingly) has nothing to do with the hilarious 2007 film. 

Then again, this could easily be McLovin's theme song - bold and brassy.  It's played predominantly on live instruments, with brash horns, thrashing drums, rich vocal harmonies and a deep "superbaaaad".  This is then sampled into dubstep, combining 70s funk with modern production - funkstep anyone? - for a powerful and sexy mix.

But what to do with this mix?  Apparently, just repeat the same riff over and over.  A shame, as the idea is a great one, but the track just doesn't go anywhere and doesn't "blow your mind" as much as the lyrics would have you believe.