Wednesday 9 November 2011

Jamie Lawson - Wasn't Expecting That

Sometimes the simplest songs are the best.  Forget your Coldplay and your Machines with their big production - all you need is a guitar and a voice.

Wasn't Expecting That has already topped the charts earlier this year in Ireland.  It's a sweet, simple piece of storytelling; a love story that begins innocently enough but with a tragic twist in its final moments.  Life always delivers the unexpected and Lawson leads us through the tale with the repeated refrain "I wasn't expecting that".  Its direct message will touch plenty of hearts.

In terms of style, this is a marriage of Damien Rice and Jack Johnson.  The guitar especially has a laidback Johnson feel.  Vocally though, Lawson doesn't have the strongest of voices, the sound catching in his throat.  As a raw talent, let's hope this track isn't a one-off.