Tuesday 15 November 2011

Ruby Goe - Get On It

Grinding beats.  Sexy sub-bass.  And lyrics depicting a heavy night out, dressed in "heels and hooded dress", taking the "149" before a romantic encounter that leaves her "walking like Bambi".  All so standard; all so dirty.

And then the chorus hits: synths popping and whizzing like fireworks, perfectly matching the kaleidoscopic lights of the nightclub.  Slickly produced yet retaining an urban raw edge, this is near perfect discopop.  If it doesn't get you in the mood to go out, you must be mental.  Then there's the video, Ruby writhing covered in shiny black oil, before vomiting it back up.  Overindulgence?

A real star, Ruby Goe is definitely one to watch.  Available now on iTunes - get on it.