Saturday 19 November 2011

Rubix: In The Hub @ The Roundhouse

An eclectic evening to say the least.

Rubix are a poetry collective based in London, who learnt their craft through the Roundhouse's various youth projects.  The night was a mixture of spoken word, comedy and singing performed predominantly by young people.

Our hosts were Paul Cree and Sean Cody Mahoney who led us deftly through the evening, despite some forced jokes, even reciting some of their own work.  As a whole, the poetry ranged from the London riots to the purpose of writing, hip hop and a particularly well written piece on the joys of life.  It was comedic, powerful and thought provoking and inspiring to hear the political voices of young people.  Kwame Asante's comedy was well delivered and though very amusing, his racial jokes bordered on cliche.  The music was more of a mixed bag, but Phoenix Martins impressed with her husky tones.  The real highlight of the night though was Martyna Baker.  Like a young Tracy Chapman, she sang beautifully with her acoustic guitar, her lyrics truthful and affecting.

The overall thread of the evening though was storytelling, each piece full of truth and a powerful sense of honesty, the audience witnessing the opinions of today's young people laid bare.  It proves what great work the Roundhouse has been doing, which deserves to be commended.