Tuesday 25 October 2011

The Collective - Teardrop

Before all you haterz start hatin' on me, yes I do realise this is the Children In Need single: it's for charity and a great charity at that.

But is that any excuse for releasing appalling music just to churn some money?  This is a crime against music.

Massive Attack's Teardrop is just one of those songs you don't touch.  Now it's ruined by "The Collective", consisting predominantly of UK urban acts plus Ed Sheeran and Gary Barlow(?!).  Of course Labrinth's production slaps Massive Attack in the face with dubstep trappings.  The "rap" verses consist of three word sentences - I suspect these "artists" couldn't string together any more.  They may as well be quoting Trainspotting's "choose life" speech.  Then there's Tulisa's laughable attempts at vocal riffing - skip to 3'37 on the video to see what I mean.  Seriously, I think what the children need is some decent music to listen to.

By all means do Children In Need a favour and support the charity by donating on 18th November.  Heck, we should all be donating all year long.  But do yourself a favour and DON'T download this atrocity.