Saturday 30 June 2012

Big Time Rush - Windows Down

Now I'm not the biggest Blur fan, but even I can appreciate it's sacrilege to sample Song 2.  Why the band agreed to this I don't know.

It's also easy to appreciate how utterly vile this song is.  It epitomises everything that's wrong with pop music today - and it sure as hell makes me feel old saying that.  Here's a checklist for you:

* Sampling a classic track into a piece of pop-club trash? Check.
* Dull production with generic four-to-the-floor beat? Check.
* Mandatory dub-step breakdown?  Naturally.
* Inane lyrics?  In abundance - "all the windows down while I'm rolling through your town" being the main chorus hook.
* Autotune vocals?  Utterly necessary.
* All performed by a talentless boyband manufactured by Nickelodeon?  Indeed.  Not that I have anything against manufactured bands necessarily - but '90s groups at least had some personality.  And could dance.

Then there's the video - a 'lads on tour' style collection of holiday clips, posing and drunken antics (probably).  Dare I say it, The Wanted did it better?

All in all Windows Down is a crime against music.  Steer clear.


Listen: Windows Down is available now. God help us.