Wednesday 6 July 2011

The Wanted - Glad You Came

The Wanted aren't your traditional boyband.  They're not Irish balladeers or American pop sensations; neither do they have the credentials of the 'man band'.  Instead they're more of a 'lad-band', lacking the charm of the former, the dance ability of the second, the talent of Gary Barlow or the looks of all three options.  And the 'lads on tour'/Hangover-esque, alcohol-infused video to this track only adds fuel to the fire.  I can't help but feel the title has a rather different connotation.

Glad You Came is all a bit JLS.  Starting in a ballad style then pumping up the volume into an Edward Maya inspired club track, it sounds very similar to One ShotAnd the lyrics are awful - "I've decided you look well on me" definitely doesn't make sense.  It's just so bland and uninspired...yet...somehow....sort of....catchy....

Pouting and out of tune singing will only get you so far though - enjoy the fame while it lasts lads.