Wednesday 27 June 2012

Sean Paul @ IndigO2

Amid screams of delight from the predominantly female audience, the mohawked dutty rock star came bounding onto the stage for well over an hour of windin', grindin' and booty shakin'.  For one night only, London's IndigO2 became a little piece of Jamaica, with a rare opportunity to see Sean Paul minus his trademark sunglasses.

The gig follows the success of recent album 'Tomahwak Technique', particularly lead single Got 2 Luv U featuring Alexis Jordan.  As such, the set leaned towards his recent club-RnB output, but also included many of his older reggae infused tracks - singles like Get Busy, Like Glue and Temperature went down a storm.

A large proportion of Paul's tracks feature female artists on vocals, but disappointingly they were all sadly absent.  Beyonce may have been a long-shot, but perhaps Kelly Rowland or Alexis Jordan could've dropped in?  Instead, Paul was joined on-stage by his band, which consisted of synths, live drums and an overly-enthusiastic hype guy.  This may have been a live gig, but much of the music wasn't.  The female presence came from four vivacious dancers, who's provocative gyrating was fairly...distracting...

As for Paul himself, the majority of his lyrics may have eluded the audience but his high speed rapping was near flawless.  That said, many of the songs had a rewind near the start - whether this was for effect or because of timing mistakes was unclear.  The focus was clearly on the music, as Paul's stage banter never got past "dis is for da sexy ladies in da house" before almost every song.  Despite the dancers, this wasn't much of a performance.

What's commendable though is the sheer, relentless energy of both Paul and the dancers, owing to the seemingly endless supply of towels that were swung over his head and into the audience.  There's a complete lack of pretension to his music and it undoubtedly created an electric club atmosphere in the venue.  It might not be musically clever, but it can't be beaten for pure, unadulterated, sexy fun.  The majority of his songs are simply about getting down in the club - and that's exactly what occurred.