Saturday 16 June 2012

Kate Nash - Under-estimate The Girl

"Written and recorded in under 24 hours" the YouTube video for this new track proudly claims.  And it shows.

Under-estimate The Girl is a grunge rock effort from the London singer - miles away from the heartfelt, comedy dittys of her debut album 'Made of Bricks'.  What made tracks like Foundations work was Nash's honesty, but there's none of that here.  Instead, the track centres on a single, basic riff and simple drum pattern that often aren't even in sync.  A high-school band could probably write better.  Above this, Nash screams and squeals like a kitten have surgery without anaesthetic.  Thankfully, her vocals are so low in the mix as to be largely incomprehensible.

Clearly Nash has been massively overestimated, returning with a track that has none of the kooky appeal of her previous work.  Under-estimate The Girl is an utter car-crash of a song.


Listen: You can download this track for a limited time here.

Watch: Nash's 'My Ignorant Youth' tour travels across the UK through June and July.