Monday 11 June 2012

Chromatics - These Streets Will Never Look The Same

Autotune.  Whilst many rely on it in the absence of vocal talent, in the right hands it can add an otherworldly quality to the music.  Kanye based a whole album around it for '808s & Heartbreak' and Channy Leaneagh, lead singer of recent breakthrough Poli├ža, uses it with haunting effect.

Chromatics are the latest to use autotune for new single These Streets Will Never Look The Same, taken from their album 'Kill For Love' released back in March (pictured).  Ruth Radelet is usually on vocal duty, but with the use of autotune on this track, the gender is obscured into androgyny, becoming simply a voice from the future.

Chromatics are an American electronic band who formed back in 2001 and are signed to the indie label Italians Do It Better, co-founded by Johnny Jewel.  Jewel is not only a member of the band and producer of 'Kill For Love', but was responsible for the Drive soundtrack released on the same label (featuring Tick of the Clock by the band).  Consequently, the music of Chromatics has that same future-retro vibe of the film that seems so perfectly now.  These Streets Will Never Look The Same features layers of atmospheric synths, pulsating against the swirling vocal for a real cinematic quality.  The stylish black and white video also features a nod to the late Donna Summer in its final moments.

For fans of the Drive soundtrack (and electronica as a whole), this track and the full album are a must listen.


Listen: 'Kill for Love' is available now.

Watch: Chromatics will be supporting Hot Chip on their US tour in the summer.