Sunday 10 June 2012

Misha B - Home Run

From week to week, Misha B was a sure-fire winner on last year's X Factor, putting her own twist on a number of songs from different genres.

But with her debut single, she's taken this mantra to heart with a track that throws everything into the kitchen sink.  It begins with a soulful, Winehouse-esque intro that doesn't link to the rest of the song and makes little sense.  When the stuttering beat kicks in, the song becomes a confusing mix of singing, rapping, enormous hooks, RnB/hip-hop production and womping bass.  Most of all, it's fitting that the YouTube video is surrounded by adverts for Nicki Minaj, as Misha does her best (admittedly catchy) Minaj impression.

Where previous contestant Aiden Grimshaw has taken his time before releasing a record with focus and originality, Misha has seemingly cobbled together a quick release with broad appeal but little imagination.


Listen: Home Run will be released on July 15th.