Friday 15 June 2012

Jedward - Young Love

The quiffs have been flattened and that can only mean one thing - Jedward have gone all Bieber on us.  On the plus side, it's now slightly easier to tell the brothers apart by the direction of their hair parting.

Let's not beat around the bush, this is dreadful - just not quite in the manner you might expect.  Young Love is as pathetic a ballad as the title suggests, all moping teenagers fawning over love letters and dirty tissues crying "what am I supposed to do?".  The video epitomises this, the brothers singing boyband style in an abandoned theatre to their myriad of fans.  None.  It's like they've already predicted their own demise.

What's worse is the total lack of excitement.  Gone are the bright jumpsuits, the terrible routines and the europop cheese.  Like mini Samsons, the loss of their quiffs has signalled a loss in comedy value.  Dare I say it - bring back the camp?


Listen: Young Love is available now, if you so desire to spend you hard earned cash on it.