Friday 29 June 2012

Little Dragon - Sunshine

Why Little Dragon feel the need to team up with Absolut Vodka on their latest ad campaign to promote their music is beyond me.  Sunshine is so good, the band are better than this cynical marketing.

That said, as the title suggests, everything about this track is HOT - the halcyonic synth waves, the dramatic video and Swedish-Japanese frontwoman Yukimi Nagano.  A nice ice cold vodka cocktail will go down very nicely after this, thanks very much.

Sunshine follows hot on the heels of the band's latest album 'Ritual Union', released late last year, as well as Nagano's vocal feature on SBTRKT's sexy-as-hell Wildfire.  Little Dragon's usual icy cool electronica has been melted by the summer into a hazy mix of pulsating synths, melodic basslines and Nagano's unmistakeable voice.  There's even time for a panpipes solo.  Along with the cutesy lyrics, "you are my sunbeam when skies are dark", Sunshine is about as onomatopoeic as music can be.  If you're yet to check out the band's work, there's no better time.  And why not treat yourself to a cheeky vodka whilst you're at it?  Ah, there's the marketing ploy for you....


Listen: Sunshine is available now, as is the band's current album 'Ritual Union'.

Watch: The band are touring worldwide throughout the summer.