Monday 25 June 2012

Conor Maynard - Vegas Girl

Despite being the UK's answer to Justin Bieber, it's comforting to know that, judging by the video to Vegas Girl, Maynard's pulling skills still aren't up to scratch, let alone his "massage technique".  What exactly is he planning on using that picture for, besides spreading it across Twitter?

And like Bieber's latest effort, Vegas Girl is similarly full of references. I mean, the girl he's after is "looking so good with ya poker face", can "run the world [like] Queen B" and is "unthinkable" like Alicia.  She's so hot he'll "forget your name like Rihanna".  You don't stand a chance Conor.  No hard feelings.

Otherwise this is deja vu for Maynard compared with Can't Say No.  The beat is practically identical, with similarly grinding basslines and swirling synths.  It's certainly catchy, but it's unlikely to hit the same heights as his debut.

And as the boy who can't say no, spending his nights dreaming of women way out of his league, he just comes across as a horny teenager...and a bit of a perv.


Listen: Vegas Girl is released on 22nd July.