Monday 4 June 2012

Bo Bruce - Search The Night

Rather than auditioning random members of the public a la Mr Cowell and his X Factor juggernaut, the BBC chose many contestants for The Voice who at least had some experience.  And none more so than Bo Bruce, who released this EP back in 2010.  She may not have won, but this collection of songs is already in the album charts this week.

Bruce differed from the other contestants in that she sang with some emotion, rather than entering the battle with an "I can sing higher and louder than you" attitude armed to the teeth with vocal gymnastics.  Sadly the voting public ultimately didn't pick up on this.  Bruce's breathy falsetto is similar to the likes of Ellie Goulding and 2008 X Factor contestant Diana Vickers and her vocal hiccups likewise annoy.

With 'Search The Night', Bruce fails to differentiate herself from her peers with a series of bland, piano-based, synthy ballads.  It's all a bit female-emo Coldplay, the five songs sounding almost identical and containing little of the personality Bruce exudes in those sad eyes and in her fashion sense.  Most criminally of all, there is not one decent chorus on offer.  Needless to say, the songwriting needs some work.

Yet, now that she's caught the public's attention (and no doubt some cash-hungry industry types), there is promise for Bo Bruce.  With some decent songs to match her distinct voice, she has the potential to go far.


Listen: 'Search The Night' is available now.