Wednesday 13 June 2012

T.E.E.D - Trouble

For most, T.E.E.D (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) aka DJ and producer Orlando Higginbottom, is best known for his track Garden used in the recent Nokia advert.  But, as his debut album 'Trouble' proves, there's far more material for fans of his dance music to enjoy.

Stylistically, T.E.E.D marries the stuttering beats and whomping basslines of SBTRKT with the funky house of Daft Punk and the rave crescendos of Deadmau5.  The complex drum patterns and jungle percussion are T.E.E.D's trademark, along with his melancholic, icy cool vocal reminiscent of Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor.  Opening track Promises pairs these infectious beats with dreamy synth pads, whilst the squelching electronica of following track (and current single) Trouble combine with the beat for hypnotic effect, doubled by the listless vocal repeating "you make me happy".  We're all with you there Orlando.

Shimmer is a real standout, its synth riffs literally shimmering and fluttering against the beat.  Household Goods and Tapes & Money also stand out for their rave appeal, whilst Your Love is pure funky house and You Need Me On My Own is a mid-tempo relaxed affair - both having subtle nods to Daft Punk.  The aforementioned Garden, with its catchy rhythms and female vocal, is sure to be an album highlight for many.

These tracks represent T.E.E.D at his best.  Elsewhere, the techno-jungle beats take over and there's a distinct lack of invention.  Tracks like Panpipes and Solo have masterfully crafted beats, but due to over-repetition it leads to zoning out before the stronger tracks draw the listener back in.

The latter half of 'Trouble' depends more on these beat-heavy tracks, resulting in an album that tails off at its end.  Still, the distinct style and unmistakable hooks of the earlier tracks are well worth the price of admission and are sure to be heard repeatedly throughout the summer.


Gizzle's Choice:
* Trouble
* Shimmer
* Tapes & Money

Listen: 'Trouble' is available now.

Watch: T.E.E.D has a tonne of upcoming gigs worldwide.