Friday 12 October 2012

Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith

Latch is a track that encapsulates everything that's cool about contemporary dance music, the latest release from London brother-duo Disclosure and one of the best dance tracks of the year.

Soulful vocals; itchy, skittering beats; icy cool synth washes - Latch has it all. The result is an absolute head-rush: musical rapture that'll have you spinning in the clouds before crashing down to earth at the drop. "Now I've got you in my space, I won't let go of you / I've got you shackled in my embrace, I'm latching on to you" Smith sings, encapsulating the ecstasy of romance amongst the intoxicating production.

Alongside the likes of T.E.E.D and SBTRKT, Disclosure are at the forefront of the UK dance scene and Latch proves why.


Listen: Latch is available now.