Wednesday 10 October 2012

Robbie Williams - Candy

There are two types of Robbie track - the big ballads and the fun pop.  After taking himself too seriously with 'Reality Killed The Video Star' and it's lead single Bodies (remember that?  No, I didn't either), Candy is a return to some pop silliness and Williams's flagging career should be all the better for it.

Co-written be ex-bandmate Gary Barlow, the lyrics are a bit ridiculous. It's no Rudebox, but it's not quite Rock DJ either. The girl in the song has "lots of different horses by lots of different men" and her "Father beat the system by moving bricks to Brixton and learning how to fix them". Excellent rhyming skills there, guys.

The "hey! ho!" chorus is suitably catchy though, its string stabs reminiscent of Call Me Maybe.  And the amusing video sees Robbie as a pink suited angel (perhaps an unsubtle nod to his number one hit) making way for his beau.  However, someone needs to tell him that 'Skins' actress Kaya Scodelario is a bit young for him.

Candy isn't his best record to date, but it might just be enough to get him back on track.


Listen: Candy is released on October 29th.  It will also feature on forthcoming album 'Take The Crown'.