Friday 5 October 2012

Adele - Skyfall

Now this is what a Bond theme should be.

Adele was a no-brainer for the Skyfall theme.  Only she could provide a theme song that harkens back to the glory days of Shirley Bassey, with a soulful and classic vocal that tremors and haunts in equal measure.  The rich orchestration is suitably grand, with some particularly punchy drum fills amongst the lush strings and brass.  It's testament to John Barry's original theme that so many different variations have been composed over the last half decade.

Sure, there may be few surprises here, but you don't mess with Bond.  Although the wayward experimentation of recent, rockier efforts have added an edge to the gritty style of Daniel Craig, Skyfall is a welcome return to classic form.  And yes, the lyrics don't seem too imaginative ("sky fall...stand tall"), but perhaps it'll all make more sense once the film is out...

Skyfall is the best Bond theme since Goldeneye, a perfect match of British musical and cinematic exports.  Let's hope Mendes' film can match it.


Listen: Skyfall is available now.