Saturday, 13 October 2012

Darkstar - Timeaway

"'Timeaway' feels like a good starting point to releasing music again", say Darkstar on their YouTube channel.  It's also a good starting point to listen to a band you may not have heard of.

Timeaway is the first release from the band's forthcoming second album sometime next year, following debut release 'North' from 2010.  Their experimental electronic music sounds like something Bjork would release, the central arpeggiated and childlike riff of Timeaway reminiscent of Virus from 'Biophilia'.  Beginning slowly, it accelerates and blooms into a flow of droplets amidst clouds of softly intertwining melodies.  Through the rain a ghostly vocal calls out, the lyrics flowering in and out of focus.  It's ethereal and wonderful and ebbs away all too quickly.


Listen: Timeaway is released on 12" on 12th November, or you can download it for free on their website.