Tuesday 16 October 2012

Girls Aloud - Something New

"We're the leaders of the pack", repeat the girls in this, their first single since 2009's Untouchable.  And they're right - second only to the Spice Girls overall, Girls Aloud are undoubtedly the most successful UK girl band over the span of their ten year career.

Since their hiatus in 2009, fans have been clambering for something new (literally) ever since.  But with the five girls each focusing on their own individual projects and internal feuds cropping up in the papers, can they successfully combine their efforts once more?

Something New focuses predominantly on the usual suspects.  Yet with the girls showcasing their talents through solo projects, it's disappointingly familiar.  It may have worked in the past, but with their individual prominence, the singing deserves to be more equal.  Why is Nicola shunned to the sidelines?

It's also familiar in its influences - a combination of different pop acts from GaGa, to Rihanna and, mostly, the girls' previous output.  And the rap verses do grate quickly.  But then the chorus kicks in.  A chorus that's overwhelmingly infectious; a chorus with that euphoric hands in the air appeal; a chorus that just makes you want to dance.  That's what the girls do best, even if this doesn't reach the highs of their most popular singles.  Ten years on and little has changed - isn't that why they're the leaders of the pack?


Listen: Something New is released on November 19th, with pre-orders from October 18th.

And now the full video is here, proving the singing is a little more equal than at first listen: