Friday, 19 October 2012

Sub Focus - Tidal Wave feat. Alpines

Alpines' Cocoon was one of last year's top breakout hits, all spectral vocals and ethereal trip-hop production. 

To further stake their claim on the music industry, they've teamed up with Sub Focus for the powerful Tidal Wave.  Catherine Pockson's vocals are a major highlight, adding some ethereal wonder to an otherwise typical dub-step track (she also shows off her stunning model looks in the video).  The production from Nick Douwma (a.k.a Sub Focus) marries pulsating synths with a throbbing bass and dub-step beat - a solid foundation for Pockson's voice.  The result is a track that's more than the sum of its parts; a track that's as awesome as the title would suggest.


Listen: Tidal Wave is released on 29th October.