Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sway ft. Kelsey - Level Up

Level Up is the latest release from UK hip-hop artist Sway.  Signed to Akon's Konvict Musik label, he's been doing the rounds as both an artist and producer on the underground scene for a while, but after last year's Still Speeding (featuring a sample of Ride On Time), Level Up marks his true emergence into the mainstream.

And it's a fitting track.  As is becoming standard for hip-hop artists, it's another track about 'making it' and reaching stardom.  This may seem unoriginal, but the 'level up' idea is a clever pop culture, gaming reference that continues throughout - even Alan Sugar gets a mention.  The production by BBC Sound of nominee Flux Pavilion packs a considerable punch with its pounding, vivacious beat.

It all culminates in a brilliant chorus featuring vocals from London singer-songwriter Kelsey.  With its killer  melodic hook, Level Up is perfect for the radio yet equally appealing to hip-hop fans.  At just over three minutes, though, it's far too short - another repeat of the chorus wouldn't go amiss.

It may not be the most original of tracks, but this is a catchy breakthrough that deserves to see chart success and proves that Sway's career is far from Game Over.


Listen: Level Up is released on the 8th April.  Much of Sway's past material is already available on Spotify and iTunes, including previous single Still Speeding.