Tuesday 27 March 2012

Mark Ronson feat. Katy B - Anywhere In The World

The clocks have gone forward, the sun is out and summer is on its way.  In London that can mean only one thing: the Olympics.

As for most sporting events these days, sponsors Coca Cola have commissioned an official song for the games.  Their choice?  Mark Ronson, who in turn has chosen Katy B to feature on vocals.  At least the song is more exciting than their dry interviews.

Cleverly, Ronson has travelled the globe recording the sounds of athletes - be it breathing, running, punching, shooting arrows or grunting.  It's these sounds that create the unique beat and provide a heavily percussive element.  Atop this are grating synths and the well-recognised Coke melody from their adverts.  It's a catchy and commercial mix, easily likeable.  Best of all, the song will be accompanied by a 'Move To The Beat' Facebook app that will allows users to create their own version of the track.  Still, Katy B's involvement is minimal, providing yet another bland vocal and a distinct lack of personality.

Expect this to receive huge airplay over the coming months - let's just hope it doesn't grate as much as the games themselves.


Listen: Anywhere In The World will be released in May, with the accompanying app 'Move To The Beat' around the same time.