Monday 19 March 2012

Hot Chip - Flutes

Any new track from indie disco's foremost band is cause for excitement.  This track, released in anticipation for new album 'In Our Heads', is no exception, continuing the band's electro dance sound.

A word of warning though: Flutes is definitely a grower.  On first listen, this has none of the immediacy of the award winning Ready For The Floor or And I Was A Boy From School.  This is more of a mid-tempo slow burner.  At well over seven minutes, it errs on the long side and feels a little repetitive in its present state.  Of course, though, it is ripe for remixing.

Eventually, the infectious beat will latch onto your brain and Alexis Taylor's quiet vocal hook will be ringing in your ears - especially in the song's final third where these elements culminate.  Tiny intricacies in the production become increasingly apparent, like changing drum patterns and extra layers of synth washes.  It may not hit the euphoric heights of their previous material, but with any luck it will pave the way to another stunning electro album.

A final word of warning - the video will probably make you sick if you stare for too long...


Listen: Flutes is featured on the band's upcoming album 'In Our Heads' released on June 11th.