Wednesday 7 March 2012

Jessie Ware - Running

Having emerged from the underground and featured on SBTRKTs excellent debut album, south London vocalist Jessie Ware is now ready to go it alone.  Following debut Strangest Feeling released in November last year comes this latest track, Running.

Her debut was closer to SBTRKTs agitated electronica, whereas Running offers a more enticing slice of noir RnB.  The chilled production and smooth, husky vocal have reminded many of Sade.  Though she's an obvious influence, Ware's music is much more modern.  The seductive electronic bass entwines with the mid-tempo drum beat and the oscillating electric guitar line matches the overall sexy feel of the track.  Ware's voice only fully lets rip in the final third, but her silky tones are irresistable.  There's clearly more to come from this talented songstress.  Then there's the video full of sophiscation and chic glamour as Ware eyes the camera with sultry magnetism. 

Pure class.

Listen: Running is available to download now.