Sunday 18 March 2012

Simian Mobile Disco - Seraphim

Simian Mobile Disco's collaboration with Beth Ditto back in 2009 (Cruel Intentions) was a massive tune.  And just as Gossip are releasing a new single with album to follow in May, so too are the dance duo (album pictured).

Compared to their previous techno-centric album 'Delicacies' released in 2010, Seraphim is more of a quietly simmering track.  Grating synths jerk across the mid-tempo drums, fragments of melody bleep and bloop and the infectious beat pulsates along with a vocal sample from none other than Cilla Black.  Contrary to what you may therefore think, this is sexy electronica.  It might not have the immediate disco allure of Cruel Intentions, but it's a well constructed dance track that will surely be doing the rounds in both original and remixed forms in clubs across the country.


Listen: Seraphim is released on the 9th April.  Upcoming album 'Unpatterns' is released on 14th May.