Saturday 3 March 2012

Django Django - Django Django

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding this East London four-piece indie band and it's increased exponentially following the release of this, their self-titled debut album.  The cover alone is enough to hint at the weird, psychedelia the album provides - the multicoloured design suggestive of the multi-faceted musical pallette on display.

The list of influences is endless, musical colours colliding in kaleidoscopic array.  Daft Punk-esque electro beats and basslines meet jangling guitars (no pun intended).  Driving rock and roll meets 70s hippy folk.  Gentle vocals suggest Simon and Garfunkel, with a Jose Gonzales delicacy and Beach Boys harmonies.  Tribal drums mix with oriental melodies. 

Take Default as an example, the band's debut single.  It encapsulates their unique brand of weirdness with its convergence of musical styles.  Firewater features a bassline reminiscent of Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground; Waveforms begins with dubstep wobbles that makes way for a concoction of grating synths and intricate rhythmic patterns; Zumm Zumm's repetitive synth bass acts as a constant counterpoint to the track's other elements.  Later, Hand of Man offers a more relaxed, acoustic affair and the oriental melodies of penultimate track Skies Over Cairo set it apart from the rest of the album.  That the band is led by drummer David McClean is telling - complex rhythmic patterns and repeated riffs take precedence over melodic variation and development.

'Django Django' is a creative and artistic melting pot, equally modern and retro.  It's unlikely to appeal to the pop demographic though, with its overall lack of vocal or melodic hooks - this is indie music that will most likely end up sidelined.  It's an album of eclectic musical colours but a lack of accessible direction, individual ideas that converge into a blur, technicaly ability over emotional heart.  An interesting creation, but also a frustrating listen, this is avante-garde-pop that leans a little too heavily on the weird.


Gizzle's Choice:
* Default
* Firewater
* Waveforms

Listen: 'Django Django' is available now.

Watch: The band are currently on tour, see their website for details.