Friday 2 March 2012

Gorillaz feat. Andre 3000 and James Murphy - DoYaThing

Converse (yes, the trainers) have had their 3 Artists, 1 Song scheme going for a little while now and this is the latest collaboration. DoYaThing can be downloaded for free on their website, alongside the release of some limited edition trainers (if garish shoes are your thing).

But enough shoes, what about the song? All three artists offer their own brand of weird and combine to create a totally oddball track. Vocally, the first half alternates between Damon Albarn's lazy drawl and James Murphy's (of LCD Soundsystem) falsetto chorus. The production mixes elements of Gorillaz's bizarre recent album 'Plastic Beach' with LCD's leftfield electro - skittering beats and cut sound samples characterise the music. It's with Andre 3000 that things pick up though - only his high velocity rapping and crazed vocal can match the manic energy of the music. It really does make you yearn for a new Outkast album.

Finally there's the video, which mixes CGI characters with real world sets. The Gorillaz freak show might be amusing, but it lacks the charm of their earlier 2D cartoons.


Listen: DoYaThing is available for free on the Converse website.