Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Gossip - Perfect World

Perfect World is a big change from the earlier material from Gossip (formerly The Gossip).  They were the iconic band of 2006 with the release of Standing In The Way Of Control, Beth Ditto becoming a global superstar.

Since then, they've distanced themselves from their punk-rock roots.  The most notable change of tact was Ditto's solo work with Simian Mobile Disco that resulted in last year's self-titled EP, taking on an electro disco flavour.

Perfect World contains all the hallmarks of Gossip, but in focused and concise form - like the new name.  The oscillating bass is still there but is given less emphasis; the drum pattern is simple but forceful; the guitar blends into the overall texture; and Ditto's vocal is less gritty but just as powerful.  The song's impact is by no means diminished - it represents a band who have explored alternative areas and come back with a tighter, more polished sound with an almost No Doubt feel at times.  Once the chorus kicks in, the instrumental force and Ditto's wailing vocal will grab you just as they did six years ago.

In short, Gossip return stronger than ever.


Listen: Perfect World is featured on the upcoming album 'A Joyful Noise' released in May.