Saturday 17 March 2012

Calvin Harris feat Ne-Yo - Let's Go

Sigh.  Remember a time when Calvin Harris was cool?  When he released electro-pop gems like Acceptable in the 80s and The Girls.  Now he's resigned himself to David Guetta-esque collaborations, from Kelis to Rihanna and now Ne-Yo.  Admittedly his production is the Midas touch to commercial success, but in the process he's lost every ounce of credibility.

The same can be said of Ne-Yo.  Remember smooth jams like So Sick and Because Of You?  The up-tempo beats of Closer or Miss Independent?  Now he's just a clone of Usher, Jason Derulo, Taio Cruz et al - their personalities and individuality melted together into one waxwork model of blandness.

The result?  Let's Go, a record that lacks the excitement either artist previously exuded.  Instead we're left with a dancefloor RnB track that's sickeningly unimaginative.  It might as well be taken straight from "Dance Production for Dummies 101" and the accompanying sample CD (probably).  Four to the floor beat.  Autotuned vocal.  Weak synth hooks, etc etc.  There's quite simply nothing praiseworthy here, just a straightforward piece of musical shite that deserves to reside in bargain bins but undoubtedly is destined to pollute the top of the charts.

Shame on you guys.