Thursday 27 October 2011

The Green Mile (1999) – Frank Darabont

I’ll put it out there, I hate Tom Hanks: a man who’s made a career playing the big, dumb idiot with big ears, a.k.a  himself.  Not even in Philadelphia did he impress. Here, his elderly double did well.

But thankfully, he’s overshadowed by a tiny mouse, though the film belongs to Michael Clarke Duncan as the meek John Coffey.  The film is of Titanic proportions, the narrative playing out in episodic fashion more akin to a US television drama series, weaving its themes of racism, morality and faith along with the supernatural.  It’s all beautifully shot, the dank cell block serving a suitably morbid tone, Duncan bathed religiously in celestial light.  The subject matter is melancholic, the situation harrowing and its final message depressing – life reduced to a deathly waiting game.

Aside from its length and a Tom Hanks sex scene, The Green Mile is a sad yet enjoyable watch.


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