Wednesday 5 October 2011

New Look - The Ballad

The generic title of this track belies its personal message, one that the duo have been reluctant to discuss.  It remains, however, a beautifully subtle and emotive record.

New Look consist of producer Adam Pavao and his singing/model wife Sarah Ruba and their debut, self-titled album (pictured) was released last week.  The Ballad is its centre-piece: a delicate balance of icy synths and passionately reserved vocals.  What also strikes the listener is the use of negative sonic space - the bare, minimalist electronica production is given space to breath, though not quite as dramatically as, say, James Blake.  The duo's music has more in common with other acts signed to !K7 records, such as the poptastic Chromeo and (recently reviewed) When Saints Go MachineThe Ballad's ambient synths wash over you and soothe the soul, complimented by the lyrics: "This is the part when everybody says they love you so / You know I love you so".