Thursday 13 October 2011

Unicorn Kid - True Love Fantasy

Here's one to split opinions.

Unicorn Kid (aka Oliver Sabin) has been bubbling around for a couple of years now, but following the recent release of his 'Tidal Rave' EP (pictured) he's been receiving some decent Radio 1 airplay.  The three track EP contains this track, plus Chrome Lion and Boys of Paradise (both worth a listen) and he's been supporting Owl City on his European tour, which comes as no surprise.  His music will either be hated or loved.  I fall in the latter category.  Yet he's probably most famous for wearing a massive lion hat.  No joke.

In all seriousness, this electropop, chiptune music is sort of terrible.  I mean, the EP title is 'Tidal Rave' for God's sake.  It's a frantic torrent of bleeps and bloops clearly put together when Sabin was sat alone, bored in his bedroom.  His music is the sort you hear on holiday in Magaluf, declare your love for in a drunken haze of ecstacy and then never speak of again.  Alternatively, it would make a suitable accompaniment to Sonic The Hedgehog.

Is that such a bad thing?  On the flip side this is sort of...utter brilliance.  Sure, it may be the cheesiest thing you'll hear all year, but it's so catchy and happy - a musical bundle of glee.  This is my new guilty pleasure.  I defy anyone to listen and not want to have a rave in their bedroom.  Just keep it in there, you wouldn't want your secret love being known to the masses...