Thursday 27 January 2011

Avril Lavigne - What The Hell

Poor Avril.  She's gone from complicated to conflicted.

You see, she's clearly no longer a girl, but she's by no means turned into a woman just yet.  She's more of a....wogirl.

The video begins with her waking up wearing next to nothing after a night know.  Though, judging by the rest of the video, Avril has grown into quite the cock tease - I feel sorry for the poor bloke chasing after her (then again, why bother?).  And yet her womanly features and "what the hell" attitude apparently justify acting like a little brat.  If by acting "reckless" you mean faintly crashing a car, flirting with basketball players, leading a man astray and shopping in vintage shops in a contrived attempt to be cool.

Indeed, the message of the song seems to be I'm a woman now, which means I can shirk all forms of responsibility.  Yet her sound hasn't evolved much over the past few years.  It's all wrapped up in a sugary, bubblegum pop package, tied up with a fake pink bow - enough to get your kid sister jumping on her bed, singing into a hairbrush and attempting to be an eency bit rebellious.  Avril has turned into every twelve year old punk's wet dream.

And yet, somehow....oh...what the hell... I actually quite like it.  It's that damn chorus hook - it's catchier than chlamydia.  I challenge you to listen to this once and not have the tune in your head the rest of the day.

Shoot me now.